What Are the Positive Mental Attitude Entrepreneurs Should Have?


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Some people let conditions control their attitudes whereas entrepreneurs use their attitudes to control conditions.

A positive attitude helps you to focus on desired activities and events and on the results you hope to achieve, even negative experiences will contain something positive. You must have a positive mental attitude towards all events and look for benefits from every experience.

How to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude is developed over a long period of time.

The following factors are useful to entrepreneurs in developing a positive mental attitude:

  • Associate with people who think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. It is probate that you will acquire some of the thinking mannerisms and characteristics of the people around you.
  • Avoid negative thoughts and ideas.
  • Be constantly alert for opportunities to improve your situation, whether it be your personal life or life in the community.
  • Believe in yourself and your talents. Success comes to those who have faith in their own abilities and use their abilities to the fullest extent.
  • Concentrate only on being involved in positive activities.
  • Don’t be afraid to give up an idea if it is not producing the right results. It is better to change direction than to pursue an idea that is not working out satisfactorily.
  • Recognize that you control your mind and use it productively.
  • Select positive objectives in your work.
  • The environment in which you live will affect your performance if your environment is not appropriate to your needs change to a more conducive one to achieving desirable goals.
  • Relieve mental stress by taking action to focus your thoughts on a specific problem. Once you have reached a decision, take action to solve the problem. Try to resolve mental conflicts as quickly as possible.

With respect to this last point, recent research suggests that a key attribute of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to make a good decision while under stress.

Managing during continuing stress situations calls for good mental and physical condition. Much has been written on this subject.

The essential for handling stress include:

  • Moderation in eating and drinking;
  • Sufficient rest and exercise;
  • Abstinence from smoking;
  • Separating the “important” issues first by committing yourself to action rather than worry;
  • Working out contingency plans to handle the “worst” that could happen, the “best” that could happen and the “most” likely to happen; and
  • Something to remember in reducing stress is to take time to plan your work and make the efforts to work to your plan.

Entrepreneurs also are said to have a sound mental outlook on life. They have matured individuals who have developed a way of viewing all experiences in a healthy manner.

The following suggestions will help you to develop good mental attitudes:

  • Exhibiting a sense of humor affects others by spreading optimism and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Having a sense of humor helps to maintain a healthy mental attitude. Being too serious can be unhealthy and detrimental to work.
  • Mentally, you must be highly organized and be able to focus on a variety of problems. You should be able to move your attention from the problem area to another with a minimum of effort.
  • Most people limit their thoughts their day-to-day problems and activities. Use your Imagination to expand your thought and think “big”. Persons who see the big picture are the ones who are entrepreneurial and are potential businessmen.
  • Your mind is a powerful tool. Setting aside a certain time each day for reflective thinking will allow your mind to be engaged in thoughtful activities.

I want you to know that the right mental attitude towards work is extremely important, successful entrepreneurs enjoy their work and are totally dedicated to what they are doing. Their positive mental attitudes turn their jobs into exciting interesting and rewarding work.

Career Attitudes

Entrepreneurs have certain abilities, which apply to a wide range of careers. Thinking about the following factors will help you to develop entrepreneurial attitudes toward your career.

  • Always try to improve. Be satisfied with past accomplishments but look to the future to create new goals as a source of self-improvement.
  • Be action oriented. It is through action that you are able to take advantages of new career opportunities that will lead to future success.
  • Because of the constant changes in things you must equally change, accept change and use it to motivate yourself to achieve higher-level goals.
  • Exhibit confidence in yourself and your employees. You must or should be confident in the abilities of your staff and in the results they achieve.
  • Follow a routine in your daily activities to allow yourself more time to be entrepreneurial. Less energy is used in routine activities, whereas non-routine activities require more time and energy. Introducing order and routine into your daily life will allow you more energy for creative, entrepreneurial activities.
  • Have a good understanding of your personal strengths and weakness, Rather than spending time eliminating weaknesses, highlight and use other resources to compensate for these deficiencies.
  • Know as much about your chosen career as possible. This knowledge will help you to become an expert in that particular type of work.
  • Live in the present and waste no time, reliving past failures, look to the future to provide rewarding and satisfying experiences.
  • Making decisions is an essential quality of successful entrepreneurs. In most cases, decisions have to be made with limited facts and information. When a situation requires a decision to be made, you must be ready; you must make the decision and see that it is acted upon.
  • Select a career, which will allow you the freedom to express yourself creatively as well as permit personal and professional growth. Don’t underestimate your own abilities and talents.
  • When personally involved, accept responsibility for seeing that the activity will be successful. Realistically, accept the responsibilities as well as the restrictions of a situation.
  • When setting out on your career, pattern your actions after successful persons who are in the same kind of occupation with you understand their techniques for achieving success, use them to develop your own career in your own way and don’t follow them slavishly Concentrate on specific aspects of these successful people. Develop positive traits through practice on a day-to-day basis.
  • Your personal appearances will affect your self-image. If you look good you will probably feel good. Depending upon your appearance, other people may still react to you in a negative manner. To improve both your self-concept and the impression other people have for you make sure your appearance is appealing.

Habit and Attitudes

Good habits are difficult to master, but once acquired they become important assets. Many top executives have acquired the habit of starting work in the early morning hours.

Getting up two or three hours earlier than usual might be one way of becoming more productive and it might require a great amount of effort and be inconvenient. However, the entrepreneur is able to follow this practice every day for a month the activity will become a habit.

To use the early morning time productively it would be helpful to decide the night before how it will be used. This will lead to another good habit of planning the next day’s important activities before going to sleep each night.

After the first month, you want to retain your newly acquired habit, the chances are that it is a good one and that it will play an important part in your future performance.

When you understand you are responsible for your actions you should be willing to review your habits in relation to your future goals.

New habits have to be substituted for old habits in order to help prepare for future success.


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